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Pioneers of Direct Mobile Videocasting

K&A Wireless, LLC is an innovative driver of technology whose mission is to develop, manufacture and market advanced technology solutions to developing markets where there is an identifiable need to transfer video, data and voice over a wireless link. Servicing the firefighting, security & surveillance, law enforcement and now the real estate markets, K&A has achieved successes through proprietary designs, fulfilling customer delivery requirements and customer relations unmatched in the industry.

Since its inception in 1998, the technologies and products developed at K&A Wireless, LLC bring a new immediacy and capacity to capture video information. It helps clients improve their productivity in mission-critical tasks and operations by acquiring video data from anywhere and sending it to anywhere. For example, in the firefighting market, K&A is the market leader in wireless solutions that integrate with thermal imaging cameras which transmit video information from the camera to a local firefighter, or a base station usually located at the command center outside the burning building. In addition, K&A also offers wireless video systems to other niche video applications, such as Camlite, the ability to transmit video information from a mobile camera to anywhere in the world - now called Direct Mobile Videocasting. With the extension of the wireless concept to internet-based video solutions through EYE-View, K&A is now aggressively diversifying into other markets such as law enforcement, security & surveillance and military.

K&A systems are versatile and simple to integrate and/or interface with existing video and data systems. Call us with your specific application and let one of our highly trained associates provide cosultation. Let K&A be your next solutions provider.

Featured Applications

Firefighting Security & Surveillance Law Enforcement

Press Releases

  • September 11, 2005 - K&A Wireless, LLC introduces a new concept in security and surveillance, called direct mobile videocasting.
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  • August 2005 - K&A Wireless, LLC has a new Article in Security Systems News Magazine. The article is online.
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  • July 2005 - K&A Wireless, LLC will be running a new advertisement in the Security System News Magazine. The advertisement will run in the August, September and October's issues
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  • June 2005 - K&A Wireless, LLC announces the release of EYE-View™ IP Receiver a real-time, mobile wireless video system that is capable of transmitting any analog video signal across the Internet or Intranet.
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  • May 10, 2005 - K&A Wireless, LLC announces the appointment of K&A into EXIT Realty’s preferred vendor program.
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Key Technologies Areas of Focus

Analog FM Video/Audio Products (900MHz-2.4GHz) - designed for mobile camera applications
Digital Data Products (900MHz) - ideal for PTZ camera-on-a-pole applications
VTRIX Internet Platform - converts any fixed legacy video/audio system to IP
EYE-View - portable/mobile internet-based video system
NET-View - wireless receiver that converts mobile analog video signal to IP

Employment Opportunities

K&A Wireless is always looking for talented individuals.

Job Postings
Interested parties should send their resumes to hrinfo@ka-wireless.com.


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